Carrie Kwok “it’s a splendid treatment that brings your skin beyond clearness.”

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18 Jan Carrie Kwok “it’s a splendid treatment that brings your skin beyond clearness.”

yea~* got invited to introduce to you this lovely beauty product from north europe, the KABI organic bioactive face mask. it’s a truly effective, deep cleansing and antioxidant face mask, like a breath in the nature’s miracle, the best part of it is really does helps minimizing pores, which everyone does want this to happen! yea***

it’s a splendid treatment that brings your skin beyond clearness. it invigorates blood flow, rejuvenates skin cells, removes harmful substances, restores the skin’s natural ph balance and provides the skin with beneficial biologically active substances. the main ingredient is the peat, which purifies and brightens the skin. it also improves skin’s micro circulation and cell renewal and metabolism, and it’s suitable for all skin, allergy-prone and sensitive skin as well.


Direction of use is real simple. on clean face, apply a thick layer of organic mask, make sure your skin color is not visible under the mask. it works magic in 5 to 10 minutes depending on your skin type, mine works in about 5 minutes. it feels a little tingling but don’t worry it’s totally normal. rinse it off with cool water and smile! it says they suggest us to wait for like half an hour before applying other skincare as to make sure you get the most of the miraculous mask. you can use it 2 to 3 times a week, it’s due to the fact that the skin cell life cycle is about 21-28 days and it’s the best with its help in 4-5 times within the first 3 weeks. highly recommend to use it just before going to bed. when skin goes into sleeping mode, it heals itself and boosts the positive effect of the bioactive ingredients as well. you will find your skin rejuvenated, reinvigorated and smoother!

it’s real good for my skin which i did laser treatments from time to time. my skin feels a little fragile and dry originally, but with this, it’s perfect that it deep cleanse yet without any dryness and tightness and it brings radiance to my skin as well. organic stuff is always friendly and helpful, try this out and i am sure you’ll like it. *u*


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