18 Nov Whitening Myths

Whitening: Are you longing for beautiful blush-white skin but scared about the risk and are not sure how to achieve it.? Here are five common misconceptions about complexion brighteners, and the truth behind them.Myth #1Using skin whitening products can damage your skin.That depends on the type...

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15 Oct Le bonheur d’Eunice

♬黑面神變白雪肌☻KÄBÏ Organics有機舒適生物活性面膜♬ 啡黑色的泥狀質地,看起來真的和種花的泥土沒有兩樣 XD就像濕潤的泥土,不算難推,使用時厚敷泥膜於面上,適當的厚度就是要看不到肉色的皮膚,起初皮膚感到有點刺刺的,敷了約5分鐘後就已經開始變乾,大約10分鐘後就可洗淨,不過泥膜附著力較高,相對較難洗,用毛巾抹的話還會把毛巾染成啡黑的…個人認為用濕紙巾先抹一次再過水,比較乾淨衛生又省時。Read More at: http://blogs.elle.com.hk/eunicep...

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