07 May KÄBÏ ORGANICS in Denmark

First thing I notice when I open the jar, was a very natural smelling product. It’s not strong and I wouldn’t say it’s smelly, but it’s definitely not a product you buy for the scent. It’s hard to describe how it smells, but it’s kinda like fresh moist dirt.
As you can see the product is a thick brown colors and it’s a bit grainy, like coffee grounds. It’s easy to apply and feels nice and cooling on the skin.
After my first try of this product, I will admit I broke out a bit on my cheeks and chin (I have very sensitive skin and I get the most acne on my cheeks and chin). So I waiting two weeks and let my skin calm down and within the next week my skin cleared itself completely and I had less blackheads. After two weeks I gave the mask a go again, to give ita second chance. After this try my skin didn’t break out and it felt smooth and hydrated, as the mask claims.
I think first time the mask really cleansed out my pores and therefore I broke out, but your skin has to go through that process before it can get clear. Besides that it’s nice to know that you are using an organic product, with natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with acne prone or dry skin.

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