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Peat Face Mask, Peat Mask, Peat Skincare

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Peat Face Mask, Peat Mask, Peat Skincare

Is Humic Acid the next hot skincare ingredient?

Does dirt sound more like something you need to wash off your face then put on it? Not so fast. Dirt, or rather two phenomenal components of the humble old earth beneath our feet called humic and fulvic acid, may well be the best thing you could add to your skincare routine. We take a closer look.

Good acids = healthy skin.

Of course, when we say ‘acid’ we don’t mean the laboratory sort- they’re both from the same healthy families as citric and folic acid, essential nutrients for our body. Humic acid is a naturally occurring compound that is packed full of trace minerals. Fulvic minerals are in the same category, but contain a ton more added oxygen too. They both occur naturally all over the globe, a byproduct of the long slow process of plant matter returning to the earth and becoming peat within the earth.

It may not sound particularly glamorous, but if you know anything about agriculture, you’ll know peat itself is packed full of soil-revitalising components, so much so that it’s been a staple part of farmer’s enrichment of their soil for centuries. Today, farmers will opt for humic acid supplement to help balance and boost their soil fertility. It’s not a fertilizer in itself, rather it stimulates root growth, plant enzymes and all the other good things needed to help remove toxic pesticides,boost seed germination and keep plants healthy and packed full of nutrients. It helps the plant store nutrients better, absorb better, and significantly improves soil quality. Earth’s little helpers, earthworms, are in fact a great way that farmers try to naturally boost the fulvic and humic acidcontent of the soil.

How does this help stay looking [and feeling] good?

Of course, this translates down the line to healthier food that helps us revitalise our own bodies. Everyone knows the key to great skin from the inside out is a diet packed full of nutritious and healthy food. However, as poor farming practices have expanded around the world, people have begun to consider whether mineral supplementation for skin care and preservation should become a serious consideration, as we can no longer rely on veggies and fruits for those precious minerals. Sadly, we can no longer rest assured that every fruit and veggie we eat is as packed full of nutrients as nature intended it to be.

Nutrient poor soil makes for nutrient poor food. And mass scale farming practices deplete the soil of the caring ingredients it needs to ensure every growth cycle is powered full of the right nutrients and vitamins to heal skin and ward off wrinkles. Humic and fulvic acid both show immense potential to help farmers turn this around and reclaim nature’s bounty. It’s not a simple as adding a ton of humic acid to soil and hoping, though. As with everything in life, moderation and balance is needed- too much of anything is detrimental, as we well know. However, some careful study and experimentation is exposing some incredibly powerful results with humic acid. Even mixing with animal feeds has had ome immensely positive effects on the growth and health of the animals, boosting healthy weight gain, balancing gut flora and increasing nutrient utilization. As you will all know, great skincare needs a healthy body to keep looking good, so these results are pretty promising. No matter whether it’s in a plant or an animal specimen, the humic and fulvic acid family make one thing clear- they help improve nutrition uptake and rebalance cells, creating an environment that provides only the healthiest room for nutrient uptake in the skin.

How can humic and fulvic acid help us look better?

This is where their true magic lives. Humic acids help the body use nutrients better, yes, but it’s their mechanism that matters most in skincare. By increasing cell permeability, minerals enter the cell more easily and makes all the good nutrients more bio-available. They may even help the red blood cells transport oxygen more efficiently, vastly improving the oxygenation of cells.

If you’re interested in maintaining your skin’s natural beauty, you’ll know what that means. Increased oxygenation is wonderful for our skin, boosting the way we feel and helping cellular regrowth at the most basic level. It helps with injury repair, cellular turnover and so much more of the critical processes needed to make skin look and feel great. Oxygen keeps us looking and feeling young and vital, and can be one of the simplest routes to a better skin that there is.

Additionally, humic and fulvic acids are rich in skin-boosting ingredients like magnesium and zinc, both of which have a critical role in collagen production [to avoid wrinkles], as well as delivering antioxidants direct to the skin where you need them. So not only do they help the body utilise minerals that boost skin better, they actually provide those healthy minerals too, making them a two-for-one powerhouse of healthy, skin-boosting power. The fact they can do this through transdermal absorption, acting directly on the delicate skin of the face and body, makes this even better.

How can I try humic and fulvic acid?

Research is currently in it’s infancy, which is why you probably haven’t heard as much about these wonder ingredients as you should have. The great news is that they can be taken in pill, bar or other edible form, but also make the journey directly into the skin [where you need it most] vis transdermal absorption, as we mentioned above. This means it has a wealth of options for delivery as creams, sprays and other skincare products. This gives it immense potential as a vitality boosting skincare ingredient that delivers what’s needed where it’s needed…with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to boot. What could be better? Who would say no to beauty enriching skincare that helps the body repair itself from the inside out and the outside in? Not us, that’s for sure!

Who would have thought humble old dirt could deliver the answer to pushing back aging and keeping the body looking and feeling great? Anyone who knows the secret about fulvic and humic acid, that’s who- and now you’re in the know too.

Are you keen to try this new wonder ingredient? Have you already had any success with fulvic and humic acid skincare? Let us know how it worked for you!

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