Whitening Myths


Are you longing for beautiful blush-white skin but scared about the risk and are not sure how to achieve it.? Here are five common misconceptions about complexion brighteners, and the truth behind them.

Myth #1

Using skin whitening products can damage your skin.

That depends on the type of product you’re using. While there are ingredients, like hydroquinine or monobenzone, that can harm your skin, many reputable skin whitening products actually use ingredients like retinoids and antioxidants that have proven benefits for your complexion! The key is having the right information. Make sure to read the ingredients and if you you are not sure why something is in your cream then look for more detailed information.

A effective routine would include regular exfoliation, and using products with antioxidants and botanical extracts that don’t just lighten your skin shade, but actually nourish it, like Kabi organic 100% natural face mask.


Myth #2

Natural, homemade skin whiteners are safer than commercially-made products.

Of course you canmake your own whitening treatments at home, using ingredients that are easily available from any grocery or supermarket. Lemons or calamansi, for example, have large doses of Vitamin C, a powerful skin brightener that can erase skin discoloration. Liquorice is a proven whitener.Black cone logo (180x180)

But homemade treatments can also be messy, and you run the risk of damaging your skin by overdosing on an ingredient. Reputable skin whitening products are designed to be safe, easy to use, and can also nourish and protect your skin.

Myth #4

If a skin whitening regimen works for my friend, it will work for me.

That depends. Your skin tone is influenced by many factors, including sun exposure, genes and even your hormones. That’s why women may experience changes in skin tone during pregnancy, after giving birth or at menopause—these are life stages when hormones can go a little haywire. So if you’re starting a skin lightening routine after a major illness or pregnancy, you may need to adjust accordingly.

Myth # 5

As soon as my skin turns the exact shade I want, I can stop following my skin whitening regimen.

Skin whiteners work by inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment that creates your skin color. Since your body will never stop producing melanin, you will have to keep using skin whiteners to maintain your fair skin.

It’s best to use  Kabi organics for once a week to maintain your blush white complexion. Kai Organics does not only have whitening ingredients but also works to protects your skin and clears your skin from dead skin cells.