We make organic skin care products. That’s it. Nothing else. Nothing to steal our focus. So each day we come in and make the best organic skincare products to the world. We know how: use the best quality ingredients in the most innovative ways.

Peat Face Mask, Peat Mask, Peat Skincare

The story behind the product

The story of our Peat pface masks began more than seven thousand years ago, when a special substance began to form in the belly of Mother Nature. Found in only a few places on earth and researched thoroughly only in one. KÄBÏ Organics peat skincare technology brings you the healing abilities of untouched and unique peat, from the deep wilderness, this gift of earth is extracted by hand, inspected and moulded thoroughly to meet the highest demands of quality. While creating KÄBÏ skincare products, we have taken the long and hard road — uncompromising the organic nature of our product. We have kept it free of all synthetics and harmful ingredients. Hard to make? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. After years of testing of research and refining, we can finally bring you an all-natural bioactive anti-aging peat mask with one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to science.

Philosophy Behind KÄBÏ


Northern Europe has a long history of natural beauties, and KÄBÏ Organics prides itself on creating products for the fast-moving, modern-day person who looks effortlessly good, natural, clean and true. Northern Europe is more than a place. It is a state of mind, a collection of deep feelings. Pure nature, culture and beauty are all ingredients that make it distinctive from the rest. A mystical landscape and a deep sense of longing have resulted in creating something beautiful to you from us.

Treat your skin with magic